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We create awesome designs for breeders and stud owners, litter announcements, dog magazine ads, websites, and stunning logos transforming your passion into visual perfection. Trusted by breeders and kennels worldwide!

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Breeder ADS

Litter/Stud presentation (web, up to 4 images) 

Dog magazine advertising

Print-ready 300dpi ADS/Cards (up to 4 images) 

Custom business cards

Breeder Business Cards

Breeder graphics rush services

EXPRESS design (fast ADS/Covers)

Signature animal photographer logo

Simple logo (text & signature)

Custom kennel logo.

Custom kennel/breeder logo

Services & Price List

We accept: PayPal, Venmo, Revolut, Wise, Bank wire transfer, Western Union / Moneygram. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us for more details. Please note that all related fees are payable by the client
A full payment in advance will be required before we commence any work.
Once your project is works in progress, any form of refund is not in the cards. Please kindly take a moment to review our terms and conditions (T&C) before proceeding with your payment.
Your payment will be taken as your agreement to abide by and comply with.
To make an order just press on the price button. In case you didn't found the right service please message us.

Web Package Basic - NEW!


Basic one page website up to 5 sections: SEO, Hero image/graphic, contact form, photo gallery, Google Map

Web Package Starter


Up to 10 pages or sections: SEO, Hero image/graphic, contact form, photo gallery, Google Map

Web Package Standard


Up to 15 pages: SEO, Hero image/graphic, contact form, photo gallery, Google Map

Web Package Premium 


Up to 20 pages: SEO, Hero image/graphic, contact form, photo gallery, Google Map

Custom Kennel logo


Vector logo design starts from €250, mono and full-color on request, please contact for a quote.

Simple logo Signature


Vector logo signature (text and signaure)
Perfect for photographers / watermark

Graphic design (Print)


Ready to print dog/horse  magazine ads/flyers (single page), pet portraits,  greeting cards,  business cards design (1-4 animals), 

Graphic design  (Web)


Dog presentations, litter announcements, social media cover photos, stories (1-4 animal images. JPG format)

Graphic design PLUS (Web)


Dog presentations, litter announcements, social media cover photos, stories (up to 6 dogs images. JPG format)

Graphic design EXTRA (Web)


Litter Announcement or Dog Presentation, along with a second-page pedigree featuring the same theme and an additional dog image

Car wrap design / roll-up banner


Car/Van wrap design (one side), large banners

Photo editing/website updates


Photo retouching, background replacement, and website updates. Price varies, please contact for more info


Depending on your order, please provide us with the following:
Graphic design (Ads, dog presentations):
* High-resolution images of dogs 300 dpi (for print)
300-72 dpi (web)
* Dog's KC (pet) names
* Champion titles, Health tests (If they have got any)
* Names of the sire & dam (if you want them to be displayed)
* Your kennel name & contact details (website/email or social media address)
* Any additional info (logos, graphics, personal background requests, dimensions, etc.)
* The text for your ad should be provided in a typed format exactly how you want it to be placed in the ad, by email, or by text document (print screens and photos are not acceptable).
* We will not be responsible for the quality of the photographs emailed.
** Only two revisions are included in the price of the graphic design.
*** You will receive your order in JPG or PDF format (layered files are not included).

Vector logo design:
* Photo of your dog/cat/horse
* Your kennel/brand name/business or company
* Any additional info/requests.
3-5 initial draft concepts. Up to two revisions of one concept are included in the price.
* Once the logo is complete and for some reason, you wish to add an additional animal/redesign, the process will incur an additional fee.
** A revision is an alteration to the design. i.e. a change in color scheme/ typography style, (it does not cover starting over from scratch with a completely new design)
If you wish to change the entire design concept, it does not count as a revision, and changes will incur extra costs.
*** If you wish to order a hand-drawn logo with unlimited revisions please contact us to discuss the price.
**** Order will be delivered in vector and PNG formats plus free mock-up presentations.

Website design:
* Please choose the web package which is suitable for you.
* Provide us with the photos and information for each web page in a separate email or folder.
* Let us know your preferred color scheme, fonts, style, and feel (if you have any requests), also you could send a few links to your favorite websites, it will help to better understand your taste. (don't ask to make a copy of any design which we created before or somebody else)  
* If you want a header image graphic, please provide us with all the photos you want to use before we start the project.
* Web hosting is not included in the price of the web packages.

**** Once an order is placed & settled it's valid for 6 months from the settlement

Design By I.S. specializes in creating outstanding graphics, logos and websites for dog and cat breeders alike, but we also work with other types of pet breeders and anyone whose business is animal orientated. Our team has spent many years in the graphic design industry creating highly engaging ADS, breeders' logos and kennel websites. We also design adjunct marketing materials such as brochures business cards, etc.
Being both breeders and exhibitors ourselves enables us to have a better understanding of what you require and to come up with exactly what you need to give your business that classy edge!

Yes, we do! We created numerous logos for other businesses such us clothe brands, wine producers, car-related businesses, restaurants, photo artists, taxi services and much more, you can visit our website

Please kindly take a moment to review our terms and conditions (T&C) before proceeding with your payment. Your payment will be taken as your agreement to abide by and comply with. 

Copyright Ownership:
We understand that owning the copyright to your logo is essential for your business, and we assure you that you will have full ownership rights. You can freely reproduce and use it on merchandise, and even apply for a trademark. It's your logo, and you have complete control over how you choose to use and protect it. We recommend getting copyright protection for your logo to keep it safe.

Content for Your Project:
You confirm that all text, graphics, photos, designs, logos, or other artwork you provide are either owned by you or that you have obtained permission to use them. You are solely responsible for the content you provide, and we are not responsible for proofreading any content.

Payment Methods:
We primarily accept payment in Euros, but we also accept USD and USDT by prior agreement. We require full payment in advance before we start any work, and it is the client's responsibility to cover all associated fees.

Refunds and Cancellations:
Once we have started your project, we cannot offer refunds. However, if you need to cancel before we begin, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Portfolio Use:
We're proud of the work we do, and we reserve the right to showcase any completed work, including unused concepts, in our portfolio.

We reserves the rights to modify our rates, terms and conditions, without prior notice. As a valued customer, we recommend that you periodically check our website to stay informed of any changes. 

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