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Web & Graphic design for breeders and kennels

Exquisite web and graphic design for canine, equine and feline breeders, clubs, kennels, cattery and all animal-related businesses.
Get premium quality design services at affordable prices and drive your business to success!
Your website is an essential part of your online presence and can greatly enhance your kennel or animal business. To be effective, however, your web design needs to be top notch. We at Design By I.S. specialize in creating both aesthetic and functional graphic and web design, suited specifically for the needs of dog and cat breeders, and any pet or animal-related business. With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully developed engaging websites for kennels, clubs & animal-related businesses.

Show Dogs Advertising

We offer a wide range of web and graphic design services, suited to your individual needs.
Our advertising designs appear in various well-known publications around the world. 

Breeder designs

NEW! We've added a new Basic web package that is more suited for dog presentations, handlers, groomers and animal photographers alike or for any kind of other small business



  € 450
  • 1. One-page website up to 5 sections
  • 2. Custom graphic
  • 3. Hero image, sliders
  • 4. Contact form
  • 5. Photo galleries
  • 6. SEO 


  € 650
  • 1. Pages 1- 10
  • 2. Custom graphic
  • 3. Hero image, sliders
  • 4. Contact form
  • 5. Photo galleries
  • 6. SEO


  € 750
  • 1. Pages 1- 15
  • 2. Custom graphic
  • 3. Hero image, sliders
  • 4. Contact form
  • 5. Photo galleries
  • 6. SEO


  € 850
  • 1. Pages 1- 20
  • 2. Custom graphic
  • 3. Hero image, sliders
  • 4. Contact form
  • 5. Photo galleries
  • 6. SEO

 What a wonderful experience. The Ad is beautiful, elegant and powerful. I also am not easily impressed by businesses and their professionalism.
I am so very pleased to say that this company was phenomenal on all fronts.
I would recommend Web & Graphis Design for breeders. Design By I.S. to anyone who wants to work with the best of the best...

Sherry R.




Depending on your order, please provide us with the following:
Graphic design (Ads, dog presentations):
* High-resolution images of dogs 300 dpi (for print)
300-72 dpi (web)
* Dog's KC (pet) names
* Champion titles, Health tests (If they have got any)
* Names of the sire & dam (if you want them to be displayed)
* Your kennel name & contact details (website / email or social media address)
* Any additional info (logos, graphics, personal background requests, dimensions etc.)
* The text for your ad should be provided in typed format in the email or text document (print screens are not acceptable).
We will not be responsible for the quality of photographs emailed.
Only two revisions are included in the price of the graphic design.

Vector logo design:
* Photo of your dog
* Your kennel / brand name / business or company
* Any additional info / requests.
4-6 initial draft concepts. Up to two revisions of one concept.

** A revision is an alteration to the design. i.e. a change in color scheme/ typography style, (it does not cover starting over from scratch with a completely new design)
If you wish to change the entire design concept, it does not count as a revision, and changes will incur extra costs.

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